President Knowles
Anonymous asked:
Sara Bareilles sucks


Anonymous asked:
Who r ur fave artists other than beyonce?

Alicia Keys (more so during songs in a minor and the diary of Alicia keys than her current stuff)
Sara Bareilles
Lykke Li

…to name a few.

Idk that’s a hard question. I like plenty more but I think I like the other people more than their actual music

Anonymous asked:
So you hate beyonce?

Clearly! The URL and pics are just jokes :) she’s the worst

Anonymous asked:
What do u think of the bey and Jay album

not gonna happen

reblog if your name isn’t Ashley.

I’m a vessel for all that isn’t right,
for breakups and lies and double cross.
I sing into that vessel a healing light.
To let go of the pain that people can’t bear.